R G Harris Ltd is an established family sheetmetal business founded in 1966 by Robert and Joan Harris.
The business has been managed by Robert and Joan’s eldest son, Gary and his wife Janet since the early1990s when they retired. Their youngest son, David, also works in the business.
R G Harris Ltd is renowned for producing high quality stainless steel products but has also produced a varied range of products for repeat customers, throughout New Zealand, from mild steel and aluminium over the history of the business.
With the range of machinery,  including a CNC lathe and with a polishing shop on site R G Harris Ltd can complete all products in-house.

R G Harris Ltd has built a good reputation in New Zealand, Australia and America for producing teat cups, herd test buckets, vacuum tanks, mufflers, receiving cans and fittings supplying many major milking system installation companies.

In recent years R G Harris Ltd has produced a range of high quality stainless steel handrail brackets, ends and covers supplying the major metal merchants throughout New Zealand.
These components have been used extensively where a long-lasting and appealing fitting is required in shopping malls, lifts, walkways and stairwells.

In the late 1980s the business shifted from Penrose (South Auckland) to Glendene (West Auckland) and became involved with producing stainless steel gantries, stairways, wine making implements, wine pump trolleys, tank alterations and repairs for a number of local West Auckland wineries.

Whilst based in Glendene, R G Harris Ltd has been involved in numerous repairs and maintenance projects and producing pieces of equipment for other local manufacturing and service based businesses.